BRDF Importance Sampling for Linear Lights

Christoph Peters

In ACM Transactions on Graphics 40:4 (Proc. SIGGRAPH)

Linear light importance sampling


We introduce an efficient method to sample linear lights, i.e. infinitesimally thin cylinders, proportional to projected solid angle. Our method uses inverse function sampling with a specialized iterative procedure that converges to high accuracy in only two iterations. It also allows us to sample proportional to a linearly transformed cosine. By combining both sampling techniques through suitable multiple importance sampling heuristics and by using good stratification, we achieve unbiased diffuse and specular real-time shading with low variance outside penumbrae at two samples per pixel. Additionally, we provide a fast method for solid angle sampling.


This work has been presented at HPG 2021 on July 7th 2021. The author's version has been published on June 18th.


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