Moment-Based Opacity Optimization

Mahmoud Zeidan, Tobias Rapp, Christoph Peters, and Carsten Dachsbacher

Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (2020)

DOO without filtering DOO with object space filtering
DOO without filtering DOO with object space filtering
MBOO without filtering MBOO with filtering
MBOO without filtering MBOO with filtering
The tornado dataset with two different line counts anddifferent methods of filtering for opacity optimization. OIT uses A-buffers. Note how screen space filtering removes clutter in a fixed radius around important structures.


Geometric structures such as points, lines, and surfaces play a vital role in scientific visualization. However, these visualizations frequently suffer from visual clutter that hinders the inspection of important features behind dense but less important features.In the past few years, geometric cluttering and occlusion avoidance has been addressed in scientific visualization with various approaches such as opacity optimization techniques. In this paper, we present a novel approach for opacity optimization basedon recent state-of-the-art moment-based techniques for signal reconstruction. In contrast to truncated Fourier series, moment-based reconstructions of feature importance and optical depth along view rays are highly accurate for sparse regions but alsoplausible for densely covered regions. At the same time, moment-based methods do not suffer from ringing artifacts. Moreover,this representation enables fast evaluation and compact storage, which is crucial for per-pixel optimization especially for large geometric structures. We also present a fast screen space filtering approach for optimized opacities that works directly onmoment buffers. This filtering approach is suitable for real-time visualization applications, while providing comparable qualityto object space smoothing. Its implementation is independent of the type of geometry such that it is general and easy to integrate.We compare our technique to recent state of the art techniques for opacity optimization and apply it to real and synthetic datasets in various applications.


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