Graphics Programming Lab

In the graphics programming lab, you will learn how to handle and solve practical problems in computer graphics. This is an ideal supplement to other computer graphics lectures and seminars. This course covers interactive 3D applications using the OpenGL graphics API, shader programming, and graphical user interfaces using the Qt application framework.

The graphics programming lab is made up of several subtasks. In the beginning, you will create a basic 3D application which allows for rendering and manipulating simple objects. Subsequently, it evolves into a small modeling tool. Further topics are a visualization extension for volumetric scalar fields and a side trip to real-time terrain rendering. Finally, a freestyle assignment encourages you to develop a graphics application at your own choice and taste.


Tentative submission deadlines:

Assignment #1     30.04.2013
Assignment #2 21.05.2013
Assignment #3 11.06.2013
Assignment #4 09.07.2013
Assignment #5 13.08.2013