Inspection Planning for Optimized Coverage of Geometrically Complex Surfaces

Mahsa Mohammadikaji, Stephan Bergmann, Stephan Irgenfried, Jürgen Beyerer, Carsten Dachsbacher and Heinz Wörn

Accepted by IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 and IoT 2018


Precise automatic product inspection is an important building block of industrial manufacturing. Different products require different inspection techniques and setup configurations to be thoroughly inspected for all their geometrical features. As the design space is large and complex, especially for geometrically complex surfaces with deep cavities, empirical setup design can turn into a very time consuming process with suboptimal solutions. In today’s industry we are missing a generic automatic method to translate the inspection requirements into optimized inspection solutions. In this paper we propose an optimization framework to automatically propose optimized setup solutions, by minimizing the number of acquisitions which maximally fulfil the inspection requirements. As an example, we consider maximizing the surface coverage of a cylinder head in a laser triangulation setup. We characterize the design space and propose using the Particle Swarm Optimization for solving the problem. We finally demonstrate the planning results which successfully cover hardly reachable areas on the object.


Preprint (tbd)