KIT Computer Graphics Group

The Chair of Computer Graphics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology conducts research on the analysis, processing, and display of visual information. The goal is to render and manipulate synthetic images efficiently and interactively, to create convincing computer animations, and to provide insightful visualizations of complex data.

These tasks require among others models for describing virtual scenes, representations for creating and manipulating scenes, and methods for image synthesis (rendering). Visualization further requires a preparation of data and mapping it to well-interpretable graphical and visual primitives. Important aspects in all these fields are efficiency, interactivity, and consumption of resources.

Our projects and research include among others:

  • (interactive) photorealistic rendering and global illumination
  • real-time rendering (video games, simulators, ...)
  • general purpose computation on GPUs
  • visualization of complex and large data
  • perceptual methods
  • simulation of light and sound propagation in virtual scenes
  • interactive manipulation of images and 3D scenes
  • procedural modeling