Computer Graphics Group

Aufbau moderner GPUs


In this paper, we will take a look at the history of the modern GPU and discuss how it became what it is today.

We will discuss the steps that graphics hardware has to carry out to transform a 3D model into a two-dimensional picture that can be shown on a computer screen.

We will then analyze one example of modern GPU architecture and finally take a look at what programmers have to consider when designing algorithms with GPU programming languages.


  • GPUs in the past
    • The Graphics Pipeline
      • Vertex Shader
      • Tesselation Shaders
      • Geometry Shader
      • Rasterization
      • Fragment Shader
    • The Beginnings of GPGPU
    • True GPGPU: The Unified Shading Architecture
  • Modern GPUs
    • Streaming Multiprocessor
    • Warp Scheduler
    • SIMD and Lockstep
    • Memory Management
      • Device Memory
      • On-chip Memory
  • From a programmer's perspective
    • Kernel
    • Running the Kernel
    • Execution
    • Thread Communication
    • Data Hazards
    • Memory Coalescing
    • Parallel Algorithms
      • Parallel Reduction