Progressive Visibility Caching for Fast Indirect Illumination

Justus Ulbrich , Jan Novak , Hauke Rehfeld , Carsten Dachsbacher

Proceedings of International Workshop on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2013 (VMV 2013)

Rendering realistic images requires exploring the vast space of all possible paths that light can take between emitters and receivers. Thanks to the advances in rendering we can tackle this problem using different algorithms; but in general, we will likely be evaluating many expensive visibility queries. In this paper, we leverage the observation that certain kinds of visibility calculations do not need to be resolved exactly and results can be shared efficiently among similar queries. We present a visibility caching algorithm that significantly accelerates compu- tation of diffuse and glossy inter-reflections. By estimating the visibility correlation between surface points, the cache automatically adapts to the scene geometry, placing more cache records in areas with rapidly changing visibility. We demonstrate that our approach is most suitable for progressive algorithms delivering approximate but fast previews as well as high quality converged results.
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