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Praktikum Grafik-Programmierung und Anwendungen

Praktikum Grafik-Programmierung und Anwendungen
Typ: Praktikum (P) Links:
Semester: WS 16/17

Auftaktveranstaltung: 2016-10-18, 14:00
50.34 Raum 148 50.34 INFORMATIK, Kollegiengebäude am Fasanengarten


Tamás Szép
Lorenzo Tessari
Mahmoud Zeidan
Prof.Dr.Ing. Carsten Dachsbacher

SWS: 4
LVNr.: 24287

Please register for the COURSE in ILIAS, and for your GRADE in Studierendenportal during the semester. We limited the number of places for this course, but you get to the waiting list if the course is currently full.

The introductory presentation takes place on 2016-10-18 14:00 in room 148.

The module for this course is called "Visual Computing 1"  in Studierendenportal.