Seminar Advanced Topics in Visual Computing and Visualisation

Next seminar will be Oct. 27th 9:45 in R148 (access through R147) there are still topics available and interested students are welcome to join. 

Gitlab repo (with articles and slides) can be found at:

Topics for this year's seminar focus on computational photography and cameras which are defined as follows: 

'Computational photography extends digital photography by providing the capability to record much more information and by offering the possibility of processing this information afterward'. (Oliver Bimber)

'Computational cameras use unconventional optics and software to produce new forms of visual information, including wide field-of-view images, high dynamic range images, multispectral images, and depth images. Using a controllable optical system to form the image and a programmable light source as the camera’s flash can further enhance the capabilities of these cameras'. (Shree Nayar)

With the arrival of Virtual and Augmented Reality display devices both topics recently became more relevant in demand for believable and high quality content.  

A list of selected articles as basis for the presentations (deutsch oder englisch) - pdfs available through gitlab:

The Plenoptic Function and Elements of Early Vision. Adelson & Bergen.

The Lumigraph. Gortler et al.

Light Field Rendering. Levoy & Hanrahan.

Fourier Slice Photography. Ren Ng.

Dynamically Reparameterized Light Fields. Isaksen et al.

Understanding camera trade-offs through a Bayesian Analysis of Light Field Projections. Levin et al.

Light Field Photography with a Hand-held Plenoptic Camera. Ren Ng et al.

Oriented Light-Field Windows for Scene Flow. Srinivasan et al.

Light Field Microscopy. Levoy et al.

View Dependend Displays and the Space of Light Fields. Horstmeyer et al.

Tensor Displays. Compressive Light Field Synthesis using Multilayer Displays with Directional Backlighting. Wetzstein et al.

Layered 3D Tomographic Image Synthesis for Attenuation-based Light Field and High Dynamic Range Displays. Wetzstein et al.

The Lightfield Stereoscope. Huang et al.